Oh, hi!

I'm Liv, and I am a crazy cat girl who makes stuff.


I'm a Northumbrian bred creative and I moved to Barry, South Wales, to live by the beach! This is where I met the love of my life... my cat, Cappuccino 💜🐈

I went to University in Liverpool, where I got my degree in Textile Design. Making and selling my art is what I've always wanted to do, so here we are! I'm inspired by nature 🌿 the sea 🌊 texture and patterns. I can find inspiration everywhere! And my favourite artist is Yayoi Kusama!

I'm also vegetarian. I loveeee food full of colour! Rainbow food, yay! Actually, if anyone would like to share and swap veggie or vegan recipes with me feel free to email!  🥦🌶 🥕 Coffee and dark chocolate are my saviours on the daily! I love all the animals - one day I'd like a full house of rescue animals!

My favourite places I've ever been are Budapest, Bled and New York and it's my absolute dream to have my work in an art show in NYC one day!

I call my work mixed media art because I don't like to stick to one material 🎨✂️ I also enjoy starting the process by making something chaotic and then making sense out of that chaos as a finished piece! I believe in making art that brings happiness, colour and a sporadic dash of anything shiny to peoples lives ✨